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Localisation in Forest Row

Forest Row and being local, is Frocal, a project which is asking the question of what the village might be like if we all lived and acted more locally. How might we source our food, water and energy? What would that mean for our livelihoods? And the way we would shop and consume? And also how would we support each other in the community to improve our wellbeing?

This is not a new idea, and one that many have thought about and practised for years, although we believe an idea that is increasingly relevant for our times. A time where we are discovering our planetary limits, increasingly aware of the inequities in society, and our mutual vulnerability. At these early stages we have more questions than answers and see this as a learning journey where we seek to collaborate, look for synergies, and work with what already exists. We seek to be open, share freely, not hold any power and look to catalyse the creativity within everyone.

What has been happening

Since the Spring of 2020 we have been meeting online and in small groups to discuss the possibilities and developing our approach. There are 3 areas of current focus; HUBs, Key Projects and FRow in Conversation.

Hubs are both physical and virtual spaces where information about what is going in the community can be shared. We are exploring possible venues in the village to house a physical gathering place in the village, and this website is our first step into what we hope will be a similar kind of resource online.

Our Key Projects areas are Food & Water, Energy, Consumption, Livelihoods and Wellbeing. So far we have been involved in supporting work in several of these areas, helping to convene groups of local people with expertise or specific interest in them to find solutions, resources and sustained focus to bring about real impact in our community in these fundamental areas.

FRow in Conversation will be an ongoing series of gatherings, about what is important to everyone in the village and who wants to share ideas and ask for their needs to be met. Some of them show up as talks, other as debates, and others as mainly social. We act mainly as hosts, and the community sets the agenda. First conversation coming very soon!

If that is of interest, here is how you can get involved

As a startup not for profit, we are always eager to hear from people that are interested in the idea and would like to find a way to support. The best way to get in contact is via [email protected], and let us know what you are interested in or if you have an idea or any questions about what we are up to. You can also read more on our About page for the history, formation and who is on the team!

You can also sign up to our ‘every so often’ newsletter to be updated on the latest adventures of Frocal!

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Consent to communicate

Frocal is registered as a Community Benefit Society #8445. Its directors are Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, Kate Taylor-Smith & Ben Christie with registered address Farmhouse, Little Surries, Ashurst Wood, RH19 3SH. We look to open up membership in the coming months, sign-up to be the first to find out when!